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Free consultation

welcome to the family

Are you looking for a fast, convenient and affordable way to achieve a
natural, healthy and permanent smile? You are in the right place!
You’re much more than just a patient to us, you become part of
our smile family and we make it our mission to ensure you have an
amazing experience.

Free consultation

get started

It’s simple to get started and it gets even easier
When you walk through the door you will enter our warm
and welcoming salon. You will be greeted by our friendly
professionals who will be delighted to see you.
You will then have an opportunity to relax and enjoy
complimentary refreshments.

Meet and greet

Your treatment

At your appointment time, we will escort you to our comfortable
serene and relaxing treatment room where we will take a 3D scan
then work one-on-one with you to determine your smile goals and
create a customized plan to create a healthy, natural smile.

Once we deliver the aligners that will gently shift your teeth
into a proper alignment we can track your progress remotely,
this means if everything is progressing as planned you only have
to come back when you are ready for your retainers. At the end
of treatment retention options will be explained and you can
choose the retention that best fits your lifestyle.

Your treatment

4 simple steps to perfect teeth


We will start with taking a scan and pictures of your mouth and then order your retainers. Once they are delivered, the process will fully start.


We know how busy life is so we won’t invite you in for appointments unless absolutely necessary, but will keep in touch regularly to ensure you are doing fine and changing your aligners when needed.


We will invite you in for a scan after 13 weeks and, based on the results, will be able to determine whether you need retainers or not.


Should you need retainers, we will get them delivered for you. You will be offered regular retainers as part of your treatment or will have the option to get Vivera retainers for an additional fee.

Meet our Specialist Orthodontist

Board Certified Orthodontist with over 2100 cases treated or better yet 17 years experience treating Invisalign cases, blends technology, technique, and art to create a smile you are proud to show off.
Her experience is unmatched which means she can treat a wide range of cases with a high-quality finish in less time.
Her commitment to Invisalign doesn’t end there, when she is not in the office she mentors other orthodontists from around the world on how to achieve a similar result with Invisalign.
That means you have one of the top Invisalign orthodontists in the world planning your case.

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